Installing NodeJS on Raspberry Pi

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If you ask me Why, I’d ask why not?! RPi is a tiny linux computer with very limited hardware resources. If you’re planning to build a webserver on it, you’ll get to know the odds when you start using it. ¬†Its totally functional as a web server & you can see a bunch of tutorials out in the wild on how to do it. Almost all of it is about turning your RPi into a LAMP setup. RPi can handle it since it has got more juice than your wireless…read more

Program Atmel AVR Microcontrollers Using Arduino

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  Why program an AVR Chip using Arduino?! Well, there may be 2 reasons: 1) Either you don’t have a dedicated AVR programmer(or ISP) 2) You want to play a little with arduino! First is my reason! I don’t have a dedicated AVR chip burner. I had an ATMega16A micro controller laying around for some time without any use for some time which i bought accidently from an electronics shop. I asked for an ATMega168 but instead of that, the guy there gave me an ATMega16! I didn’t bother to…read more


Home Automation Using Arduino & Autohotkey

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Its been awhile since i last posted something here. Was kinda busy with my university exams & all! Idea for this project was in my mind for very long & i don’t think anyone would’ve done this project with Autohotkey! Anyway, this is a necessity for me, honestly i’m a super lazy person ūüėé ¬†& i don’t like getting up to switch on fan/light even though the switches are just 3 footsteps away! ūüėõ ¬†From that laziness came this idea! Controlling the fan/light from my workstation. This can be done…read more


Embed Secret Messages On Photos Easily

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The idea of embedding secret messages on images is not new, in fact this has been done many times by many people. Some are so complex that even experts in Steganography¬†won’t be able to decrypt them. I’ve used a simple method to do the same. Data can be written into files in binary mode without modifying the initial contents of the file. This is the basic idea of my implementation. Embedding The Data My implementation is quite simple & can be explained by 3 simple steps. I’ve used Autohotkey¬†for coding…read more