Automated Git Deployments on Azure Ubuntu VM from BitBucket With Nodejs

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Nobody needs an introduction to Git, its a basic skill you’ve to have these days if you’re into programming or programming related stuff. While Git makes a programmer’s life easier in multiple ways, it also has some perks. If you’re not a huge team, deploying your newest build can become redundant and boring super fast – especially if your production server is on the cloud (probably everyone’s production servers are now on the cloud!). A typical simple workflow would be like this: Push your commit to git Git fetch, git pull on…read more

GPS & Relativity

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Relativity? Really?   This topic is really relevant these days. Why? Because everything these days are going fast! mobile phones, computers, cars & even wrist watches are getting smart & fast! As our world become faster and faster, seconds – even micro seconds & nano seconds becomes relevant. There comes the relevance of Relativity! It has started to appear even in the mainstream media often these days. One of the more recent & stunning example is the movie Interstellar, by the celebrity director Christoper Nolan who is very well known for making people puke…read more

Home Automation Using Arduino & Autohotkey

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Its been awhile since i last posted something here. Was kinda busy with my university exams & all! Idea for this project was in my mind for very long & i don’t think anyone would’ve done this project with Autohotkey! Anyway, this is a necessity for me, honestly i’m a super lazy person 😎  & i don’t like getting up to switch on fan/light even though the switches are just 3 footsteps away! 😛  From that laziness came this idea! Controlling the fan/light from my workstation. This can be done…read more