Internet of Things (IoT) – The basics

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IBM investing billions into it, Oracle is after it, Microsoft has already jumped in and hundreds of startups budding like mushrooms with something in hand with IoT! Internet of things was the buzzword of 2015 and probably it will be for the next few years to come. But what is it exactly? What if you keychain can buzz you when you forget it at a bar, what if your flip flops or running shoes can tell you the number of steps you’ve taken? Imagine your door locks getting unlocked when you…read more

GPS & Relativity

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Relativity? Really?   This topic is really relevant these days. Why? Because everything these days are going fast! mobile phones, computers, cars & even wrist watches are getting smart & fast! As our world become faster and faster, seconds – even micro seconds & nano seconds becomes relevant. There comes the relevance of Relativity! It has started to appear even in the mainstream media often these days. One of the more recent & stunning example is the movie Interstellar, by the celebrity director Christoper Nolan who is very well known for making people puke…read more

Installing NodeJS on Raspberry Pi

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If you ask me Why, I’d ask why not?! RPi is a tiny linux computer with very limited hardware resources. If you’re planning to build a webserver on it, you’ll get to know the odds when you start using it.  Its totally functional as a web server & you can see a bunch of tutorials out in the wild on how to do it. Almost all of it is about turning your RPi into a LAMP setup. RPi can handle it since it has got more juice than your wireless…read more