E-Mailing files as attachments : My little fix!

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Sending files/documents. The second use for our email address. We all use our EMail address primarily for registering the vast variety of online services. I don’t know of anyone who use EMail for personal communication like their cellphone other than using it for sending small files & documents along with a message. Sending files through email is pretty straight forward. You just attach the file you want to send to the mail message & simply send. The file will be sent to the recipient if the attached file is safe for sending…read more


Downgrade PSP Slim(3000/3004) From 6.60 To Any Official Firmware

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Why downgrade to a lower version? You may want to install a permanent custom firmware on your PSP or you just want a temporary one. Either way, if you’re in OFW 6.60, you don’t have any chance of doing either of these(at the time of writing this tutorial :)). This is how i downgraded my PSP Slim(3004) from 6.60 OFW to 5.30 to install a custom firmware(CFW). This method works 100% since i’ve tried & it worked for me. But, as like all other DIY stuff out there, i’m not…read more


Nuclear Battery With A Life Span Of 20+ Years?!

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Can you believe it? A nuclear battery with a lifespan of 20+ years! Yes, its true! The battery works by capturing radiation from a radio active element called Tritium, which is a byproduct from nuclear reactors. Tritium, also known as Hydrogen-3 is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen with a half life of around 12.3 years is a low energy beta emitter, meaning it is not hazardous to us externally but, is deadly if ingested. The Nano Tritium battery was developed by City Labs, a manufacturer based on Florida, USA specializing…read more


Need For Speed : Most Wanted 2, Ratings lied?

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NFS:Most Wanted 2 release! many hardcore NFS fans waited long for this major release. The teaser was great, the trailer was superb, development screenshots were great, E3 gameplay trailer was awesome & everything hyped about the game sounded like it was about to be a milestone like the good old Most Wanted, gamers all around the world were so much excited about the game as it was so clear from the facebook fan page of the game! Before the game release, many well known gaming websites reviewed the game &…read more


Moving blog to WordPress!

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I think its time to move my blog page to WordPress. WordPress it the world’s most used personal content management solution & i hope i’ll help me manage my blog more efficiently!